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Introducing myself

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Hi, I’m José, Phisics, chemstry and ICT teacher at IES J. Costa in Cariñena (Spain)

I hope that this common project will help us, Belgian adn Spanish, to know a little more about the so called, web 2.o, blogging, cooperating, and meeting friends from abroad.

English, (Spanglish and Belglish are also accepted 😉 ) will be accepted as communication language while we improve our Dutch/Spanish knowledge.

I’m sure that we all, teachers and students, will learn a lot thanks to the leader of this project, Bart.

Dealing with my slideshow, I added some pictures about my life, work, friends and family. Nordic skiing is one of my favourite sport, and I added a picture of a popular competition in Lles, (North Spain) and a second one with my son Javier (he has also his own blog in this project), after a nordic skiing lesson.

Meeting Compay Segundo, Cuban singer, after the national Spanish sport: having copious lunch is the theme of one picture. Some others were took during my last family trip to South France. Canoying with a group of teachers, or the statue of Sancho Panza near Barataria Insula,  belong to my recent past, as a Teachers’ Adviser.

I uploaded these pitures to Flickr and, of course, all of them are under a CC license.